My Story

I fell in love with Scentsy when I was given a warmer and scent bar as a housewarming gift. I plugged in my warmer, turned it on and immediately my house smelled amazing. I couldn't believe this small beautiful warmer was creating a fragrance that was filling my entire room. Plus I felt safe with it in my new home! I of course had to research the company, and after further reserach I decided that this was something that I needed to be apart of.

I joined Scentsy in May 2010 and recently became a Director with Scentsy with has allowed me to stay home with my baby boy - my dream come true! 

When I signed up for Scentsy I never could have imagined the blessings that would come out of that one decision. From fulfilling my dream to forming lasting friendships and now helping others in their journey with Scentsy; I truly love what I do! 

I LOVE introducing the AMAZING Scentsy products to my family and friends. Please let me know what I can do to help you in your Scentsy journey!